How it works

What happens on Blockchain stays on Blockchain. The history of the transactions in the system can't be modified or removed. Anyone can have full access to how exactly earned money is spent in the system! There is no way for corruption.

  • Artists get paid per stream. And we have the highest rates.
  • Streams from premium subscribers are paid at double rates.
  • At the end of every month, we provide a detailed revenue report.
  • 90% of the revenue is distributed between artists who don't receive enough streams yet and need support.
  • There are a couple of conditions that artists must meet to participate in the redistribution program.
How does Indive work?
Program Eligibility

Who's eligible for the distribution program?

There are many ways in which the system can potentially be abused. We want to help the artists who really want to break through and just need time and support until it happens. Watch a video explaining all the nuances of the profit distribution program. And contact us for any other questions!